How to get a complete list of Functions from Microsoft Help

The majority of functions can be found in the Formula tab by clicking on the drop down arrow of the category of function in the Function Library section…see pic below:


You can however also find a complete list in the Microsoft Help system by clicking on the question mark icon ( ? ) at the top right of your Excel screen.

This will connect you to where all the ‘Help’ support is located.

When the ‘Excel Help’ screen appears type ‘excel functions’ into the search box.

The following screen will then appear:


You can click on any of the links – the first will give you a categorised list and the one marked ‘Excel functions (alphabetical)’ will give you the full list in alphabetical order.



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How do I print the list of tasks for each of my Resources in Project?

How do I print the list of tasks for each of my Resources in Project?

Microsoft Project has a really good Reporting facility however sometimes all you need to get the information required is to simply arrange your screen so that you can see the information and then print it out.

We can do this by creating a combination view with the Resources at the top of the screen and the Tasks for these Resources at the bottom.  See pic below:




To show the Resource Sheet at the top click on the View tab of the Ribbon and then click on Resource Sheet in the Resource Views section.

To make this a Combination View with the Tasks showing at the bottom – stay in the View tab and go to the Split View section and click on Details.  Click on the drop down showing to the right and choose Task Sheet if it is not already showing.  You now have the Combination that you need with the Resources at the top and the Tasks at the bottom.  However it may still not be showing the information that you need and you may therefore need to format the Task Sheet in order to see the detail required.

To format the Task Sheet first of all click on the lower half of your screen where the Task Sheet is showing and then go to the Data section of the View tab and click on the drop down for Tables and choose the detail that you need.  ie if you want to see the information regarding scheduling click on the Schedule table.

Now that you have the detail that you need showing on your screen you can print the Task list for each Resource by first of all clicking on the chosen Resource at the top section (Resource Sheet) and then clicking on the Task Sheet at the bottom and then File and then Print.  Only the task list for that particular resource will be showing in the preview….and now click Print.

More information on Printing specific views can be found in Chapter 14 of Project Module 1 – Printing and Reporting.

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