Online Learning – learn anywhere

What does online learning offer?

The Online option is a stand alone accredited online course on the chosen subject.  The course is fully interactive and allows the user to watch, listen and try for themselves.  This offers a very non-threatening easy way to learn or update your skills.  These courses start from £60 plus VAT and are therefore a good option for those on a low budget or for companies who want to keep their staff updated at a low cost.

If you are a university student, unemployed or a pensioner please ask about our special offers on these courses.

Certificates can be gained once all the sections are complete.

If you prefer a hands on traditional style approach try our Online Plus option.

Online Plus

The Online Plus option offers a blend of the new with the old.  The delegate can not only access the online course but also access the full course manual with all the files and exercises to give them the benefit of both the modern multi media learning approach along with the traditional hands on approach.  Along with this option the user has the ability to have one to one tutor support either face to face in the F1plus centre, by email or phone at 40% discount.

What does Online Plus include?

  • The Online course
  • Plus the downloadable Course Manual and all files and exercises associated with it.