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Private Excel Courses in Glasgow

F1plus offers bespoke training in Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced levels at our Charing Cross office or at your own place of business.

If you are interested in Excel courses in Glasgow then we can offer you a friendly, flexible, professional and local solution.

Our courses can be taken as standard courses or you can create a bespoke course by picking out the chapters that you need from any of the levels and leaving us to fill in the blanks when we teach it.  Have a look through the details of our standard courses to find out just how extensive each of our courses are.

We give you access to all the course material after the training and will provide you with a certificate of completion.  We can be as flexible as you need us to be. Our courses are all private and can be arranged at short notice.

Microsoft Excel is an amazing tool when you understand what it can do for you. 

Most of us know how to do fairly simple actions like sorting, filtering, auto-sum and typing into cells.  When you are faced with a spreadsheet with lots of formula however do you struggle to get to grips with what they are doing?

How can you improve Excel efficiency?

Our Excel courses can teach you

  • how to work with formulas and functions from the simplest to the most complex.
  • how defining names for cells can save you time and make your formulas easier to work with. 
  • how to use conditional formatting to set up your spreadsheet cells to change colour when they reach a given criteria.
  • how to validate cells to ensure that the user can’t make a mistake when entering data
  • how to protect cells from being edited by the user
  • how to create a chart with a few simple clicks.
  • how to analyse data easily using pivot tables
  • how to simplify your workload by using macros
  • how to link data

….and much more. 

Once you have a full understanding of all that Excel can do you will be able to work in a more efficient and productive way.

Where is our Glasgow Training Centre?

Our Glasgow training centre is located in the West End of the city in the Park area at 4 Woodside Place, Charing Cross, Glasgow, G3 7QF. Our training room overlooks private gardens to the front and is well equipped, warm, comfortable and luxurious. It is only minutes walk from the Mitchell Library and access to the M8 linking Edinburgh, M80 to Stirling/the North and the M74 to Carlisle and the South and Glasgow airport is a 20 minutes drive away by car. Access to the main line railway stations can be obtained via Charing Cross stationThere is street parking outside and a multi storey less than 5 mins away.


The detailed literature on each of the courses available made selecting the correct course for my needs easy, and the one-to-one training was ideal as we were able to discuss actual scenarios/examples




Very informative and useful training course, one-to-one basis, so paced just right for my ability/needs. Would recommend.


Hess Services UK Limited


The learning process was very enjoyable. Irene was very flexible and adapted the course to my requirements. All questions were answered
very thoroughly. You can tell that Irene enjoys providing training to others, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommended F1 Plus to anyone.


Balmoral Comtec Ltd


These courses have reinforced my current understanding and will help me work more efficiently. They have also opened new pathways to more complex ways of working with Excel quite simply.

Irene has a very calm nature that allows a relaxed environment in which one is able to learn smoothly.

I would highly recommend F1plus


Bilfinger Salamis UK Ltd


I had always known the basics of excel but this course has definitely widened my knowledge of the simple yet effective tools excel has to offer. the process was very simple and i understood everything i was taught. i fairly enjoyed it, and the time passed so quickly. i will most definitely be back for the more advanced levels. i would recommend these courses to anyone that would like to learn a lot more in microsoft programmes.

Rebecca Walker

Lokring Northern


The course was very well delivered and easy to follow with plenty of extra time given to the areas within Excel that required more attention, having a small class is always a great advantage. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone that needs any additional Excel training.


Romar International




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