Making a Great Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint is part of the popular Microsoft Office suite of applications. This is a powerful slideshow program which can be used to make presentations to show to many different people.

Uses of PowerPoint

There are dozens of different uses of Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentations produced are useful for board meetings, pitching new business ideas, illustrating progress, or even for school presentations.

Although each of these is very different, there are still some universal tips which can be used to make high quality and valuable presentations.


Before you can start making your presentation you need to do some planning. Actually start by considering who your audience is. Try to decide exactly what you think they hope to discover by the end of the presentation. This will make it easier to include only the relevant facts and figures in the presentation.

Rough Outline

When you have chosen the audience you should then start with a rough outline. The easiest way of doing this would be to use a list of bullet points. Each bullet point should be a new topic of conversation. Don’t get too concerned at this stage with splitting it into individual slides. Instead, just write everything you can think of in a big list. You should try to reorder this list so that it progresses naturally, this will help to give your presentation a good structure.

Make sure that the outline has an introduction, middle and a conclusion at the end. Then look at your audience again and check that this outline will provide them with everything they are looking for, if not, then you should go over it again.

Writing a Script

With the outline in hand you can start fleshing each point out. Write a few sentences for each, or a paragraph of the kinds of things that you would say to illustrate the point. You may need to edit the structure, but this is fine at this stage.

Making the Presentation

Now at this stage it is time to open PowerPoint and start making your presentation. You should create many simple slides which aren’t cluttered or too busy. Make the information concise and straight to the point, the idea of a slideshow is that you will talk about what is on the screen and explain it.

Ideally you should be talking for around 2-3 minutes per slide. If you have slides with lots of pictures then this time will be less.

If you are displaying figures then try to include a graph as this is a good way to visually understand the numbers.

PowerPoint is a very useful tool which can be used to create great presentations. However, your presentation will only be as good as you are. You need to create a good presentation, and you need to present it verbally in a way which is easy for everyone to understand. Talk slowly and clearly and remember to answer any questions people might have at the end.

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